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Introduction to Civil Litigation in Edmonton

Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of legal disputes that can arise between individuals, businesses, or government entities. In Edmonton, the civil litigation landscape is diverse, covering everything from commercial disputes to estate litigation. A key player in this field is the Ulasi Law Group, a reputable law firm that specializes in various facets of civil litigation.

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Our team has a decade of experience handling a wide range of cases across various legal fields. You can trust us to apply our knowledge and skills to your unique situation.

Our Civil Litigation Services in Edmonton

Commercial Litigation in Edmonton

Commercial litigation involves legal disputes related to business issues. The Ulasi Law Group provides services to handle cases of fraud, breach of contract, partnership disputes, and more. These disputes often involve complex legal and factual issues, requiring skilled negotiation and robust representation.


Breach of Contract in Edmonton

One of the most common issues within commercial litigation is breach of contract. This occurs when one party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, leading to disputes that can be financially and operationally damaging. Ulasi Law Group’s approach combines thorough legal analysis and strategic planning to protect their clients’ interests.

Bankruptcy Insolvency and Reconstruction in Edmonton

When businesses face financial distress, legal assistance becomes crucial. The Ulasi Law Group handles bankruptcy filings, insolvency proceedings, and corporate restructurings. Their goal is to provide solutions that help clients navigate financial hardships and recover more effectively.

Insurance Litigation in Edmonton

Insurance litigation involves disputes over the terms and enforcement of insurance policies. Ulasi Law Group represents clients in cases involving coverage disputes, liability claims, and bad faith insurance practices, ensuring that their clients receive the protections they are entitled to under their policies.

Debt Collection in Edmonton

Collecting debts can be a challenging process for businesses. Ulasi Law Group offers comprehensive services for debt recovery, including drafting demand letters, negotiating settlements, and representing
clients in court if necessary.

Credit Remedies in Edmonton

In situations where debt recovery becomes complicated, having strong legal remedies is essential. Ulasi Law Group assists clients with securing judgments, garnishing wages, and placing liens on property to ensure that debts are paid.

Shareholder Disputes in Edmonton

Disagreements among shareholders can disrupt business operations and lead to significant legal battles. Ulasi Law Group specializes in resolving these disputes, whether through negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings.

Arbitration, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Edmonton

ADR methods such as arbitration and mediation offer alternatives to traditional court litigation. Ulasi Law Group advocates for these processes as they can be less adversarial, quicker, and more cost-effective, providing their clients with a private forum to resolve their disputes.

Construction Litigation in Edmonton

The construction industry often sees disputes related to contracts, builders’ liens, and construction defects. Ulasi Law Group represents contractors, property owners, and developers in these complex cases.

Builders’ Liens in Edmonton

Builders’ liens are a legal tool used by contractors and suppliers to secure payment for services and materials. Ulasi Law Group provides expertise in filing and enforcing liens to ensure their clients are compensated for their contributions to a project.


Condominium Litigation in Edmonton

Disputes within condominium communities can involve unit owners, boards, and property managers. Ulasi Law Group handles cases related to governance issues, bylaw enforcement, and property rights.

Estate Litigation in Edmonton

Estate litigation can involve wills, trusts, and the administration of estates. Disputes often arise over the interpretation of documents, the distribution of assets, or the conduct of executors. Ulasi Law Group represents beneficiaries, executors, and trustees to resolve these disputes fairly and respectfully.

Professional Corporations Lawyers in Edmonton

Professional corporations, such as medical practices or engineering firms, face unique legal challenges. Ulasi Law Group provides specialized legal services tailored to the needs of professional corporations, including compliance, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution.


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