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Family law is a multifaceted domain that touches upon various aspects of familial relationships and disputes, and at its core lies the well-being of children. In the city of Edmonton, like elsewhere, matters of guardianship, child custody, and parenting plans are of paramount importance, and they require an experienced hand to navigate. The Ulasi Law Group, your family lawyers in Edmonton, brings together a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to help families tread these waters. This article delves into the intricacies of guardianship, child custody, and parenting in Edmonton, shedding light on the law, processes, and what families can expect.

Guardianship: What does it Mean?

Guardianship refers to the legal responsibility of an adult to make decisions on behalf of a child. This encompasses choices about the child’s education, health, religious upbringing, and general well-being. A guardian has not only rights but also responsibilities towards the child.

In Edmonton, a parent is automatically deemed a guardian if they lived with the child at the time of birth or if they have consistently played a role in the child’s life. However, there are scenarios where non-parents might seek guardianship – for instance, grandparents or close relatives in cases where parents might be incapacitated or deemed unfit.

Child Custody: Understanding the Basics

The term “child custody” often brings to mind heated court battles. However, the focus is always on the child’s best interest. In Edmonton, child custody is categorized into:

  1. Joint Custody: Both parents share decision-making responsibilities.
  2. Sole Custody: One parent has the majority of decision-making powers.
  3. Shared Custody: Physical residency of the child is split between the parents for at least 40% of the time with each.
  4. Split Custody: In families with multiple children, some children reside with one parent while the others live with the second parent.

It’s essential to note that custody does not necessarily define access. A non-custodial parent may still have visitation rights.

Parenting Plans and Orders in Edmonton

Parenting plans are written agreements between parents outlining how they’ll raise their children post-separation or divorce. It’s a collaborative effort to ensure the child’s best interests remain at the forefront. In cases where an agreement isn’t possible, the courts may intervene and issue a parenting order.

Such plans or orders typically cover:

  • Where the child will live.
  • How decisions about the child will be made.
  • How information will be shared between parents.
  • The schedule for the child to spend time with each parent.

In Edmonton, if parents can’t agree even with mediation, a judge will make the decision, always focusing on the child’s best interest, considering factors like the child’s health, education needs, and emotional ties to each parent.

Ulasi Law Group: Your Advocate in Trying Times

Family disputes are emotionally draining, and having a reliable legal partner can ease the burden. The Ulasi Law Group stands out as your dedicated family lawyers in Edmonton, bringing clarity, empathy, and expert knowledge to the table.

Why choose Ulasi Law Group?

  • Experience: They have a proven track record in handling diverse family law cases.
  • Comprehensive Counseling: Beyond legal advice, they provide holistic counseling to ensure families understand the emotional and psychological aspects of their decisions.
  • Client-Centric: Their approach is tailored to each family’s unique needs, ensuring the child’s welfare is always the priority.
  • Transparent Communication: With Ulasi Law Group, clients are always in the loop, informed about every step of their case.


Guardianship, child custody, and parenting matters in Edmonton demand a sensitive and informed approach. Families navigating these territories need more than just a lawyer; they need a partner, a guide, someone who understands the emotional, psychological, and legal intricacies involved. The Ulasi Law Group, with its unparalleled expertise and compassion, positions itself as that trusted advocate for families in Edmonton.